Chum Forum is a very lively forum. The Webmaster makes changes continuously to the many sections as requested by members. We upgrade our database regularly and in February 2015 we upgraded to vBulletin version 5.1.5. This version gives our members very fast access speeds when browsing, as well as a host of other very useful tools and facilities.

Chum Forum has grown in size since we launched on Monday 12 April 2004. Our forum is like a big glossy magazine with many colourful pages and sections. It is well-organised and there are many links and menubars to help any member who gets lost!  The sideblocks give a running commentary of news, daily activities and other visual guides, including an up-to-the-minute list of our latest Topics and Posts.

Additionally, members may use our online translation service which offers 65 languages into which Chum Forum may be translated.  We know that computer translations can never be 100% accurate but the service is there and helps our many international members to take part in the fun.

We have a special forum to cater for our New Members and all existing members are very happy and keen to help our "Newbies" to become part of our Gay Community.

The screenshot below shows a simplified version of our Chum Forum Homepage as at February 2015.  As may be seen, we cater for a large number of different tastes and provide for many activities, past times, hobbies, chat areas, live chat room,  a forum for our international members to communicate in their own language with compatriots, Private Clubs especially set up for selected members, a library, a music forum, an immense archive, and many other special interesting sections for the complete enjoyment and entertainment of all our international members.

The images and text on the screenshot are slightly out of focus deliberately in order to preserve the privacy of our members.

Please Note: The many forums shown below are not available to everyone as soon as they join. Access to them varies and depends on the usergroup that a member is in.
Please Note
The many sections shown above are not all available to everyone as soon as they join.
Access to our contents varies and depends on the usergroup that a member is in.