The word "cache" is an area set aside on your hard drive that collects a lot of small files sent out by the internet websites you have visited recently. Before Windows XP was released, this "cache" area was known as "Internet Temporary Files".

The small files are called "cookies". Usually, cookies are completely harmless but sometimes the performance of your computer may be affected by one of these. There are many reasons why cookies are useful. One good reason is they are sent and stored in your cache to make it faster for you to log into those sites again in the future. 

Chum Forum is updated and modified regularly to give you the best performance possible. When an update is launched it has new cookies associated with it and you will not benefit from the latest update until you clear the old cookies from your cache. 

Please Note:  If you logon to Chum Forum using an old outdated shortcut you created, you will get old outdated cookies, which will clash with our newest cookies and cause you problems. Get rid of old shortcuts. Don't try to fix them - just delete them and then create new ones if you wish to use shortcuts.

See also    LOGIN PROBLEMS  for other hints and tips

Managing your cache must be done from within your browser's options. Here is a list of guides on how to do this for the currently most popular browsers:

                                                    Internet Explorer